Can You Bring Food In Universal Studios Hollywood

We’ve compiled our pinnacle tips for traveling to Universal Studios Hollywood to make sure you maximize it sluggishly within the Park and get the maximum out of your excursion.

Can I bring food and drinks into the Park?

We offer some glowing, delicious meals for our guests to experience at ingesting places and concession stands at some unspecified time in the future of our belongings. Still, we understand that website traffic may need to carry out-of-door food and drinks into our parks.

Acceptable devices:

  • Bottled water (maximum 2 liters)
  • Small snacks
  • Any food required for special nutritional dreams
  • Any food required for clinical functions and medically indicated dietary supplements
  • Baby meals/toddler approach
  • Soft-sided insulated bags at most eight.Five” big x 6” immoderate x 6” deep

Prohibited devices:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Glass boxes
  • Open boxes
  • Large coolers of meals
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Soft-sided coolers larger than 8.5” large x 6” high x 6” deep
  • Coolers, suitcases, and baggage with wheels

Come early and carry your very, very own meals.

We visited on December 26, one of the year’s busiest days. Starting early, the wait time for rides has become low cost (15-20 min); however, it improved dramatically as the day progressed. Front-of-the-line bypass can also have helped, but at some rides, the people with the ones passes created their very, very personal traces and needed to stand in line themselves, defeating the reason for the bypass. I will no longer assess the rides; the entirety has grown to be amusing and thrilling, and there are no issues. The essential criticism is with the charge and availability of food on that day. The food is probably overpriced in difficult parks, but it is modified because it is a difficult pill to swallow.
Nonetheless, there comes an aspect simultaneously, as anyone is so hungry and tired that you’re organized to pay some element for meals and a place to sit down. Around noon, the traces for ingesting locations were large, and every restaurant mobbed. There needed to be more places to consume or sit down everywhere inside the Park, snack stands ran out of meals, and the issuer has grown to be for this reason.
We finally settled on a warm dog, consuming definitely on some stairs after braving a 30-minute line. As a result, although hungry and tired, we left earlier than planned, needing some of the elements of the hobby we desired to peer. The manipulator must devise higher standards for days with excessive attendance and enough sales so visitors no longer have to stand in hourly, prolonged meal lines, combat the crowds for some pricey morsel, and depart disenchanted.

3 Universal Studios Hollywood Tips to Maximize Your Time

1.Buy Your Tickets in Advance

You’ll generally keep money and time while you buy your Universal Studios Hollywood tickets earlier. Why wait in an extended line on the rate tag sales space when you should purchase tickets for your couch? Plus, the Park can sell out on peak days around vacations and the summer season, so you must plan and get your tickets early.

2.Water Bottle

The 2nd most vital issue you may bring to Universal Studios is a water bottle. Yes, you can hold a reusable water bottle in the Park. I advise an insulated 32 oz bottle that lets you maintain your water first rate and cool all day.

You don’t want to shop for a plastic water bottle whenever you’re thirsty, but the truth is now that it’s not something fairly priced at Universal Studios. You’ll grow to be paying a fortune for water if you don’t carry your very own.

Severa water bottle replenishment stations and water fountains unfold subsequently in the Park. Stay hydrated while strolling throughout the Park all day, and refill your bottle at the same time as essential.

3.Food at Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

This became one of each of my favored areas in Universal Studios Hollywood, as I suspect is the case for maximum web page traffic. Even if you aren’t a die-difficult Potterhead, you could understand the region’s elements.

Tips When Visiting Universal Studios

Packing food and drinks to bring to the parks is one manner of shopping for cash while traveling the Park. Now that you can set aside the question of “Are you capable of supplying meals into Universal Studios,” you could moreover not forget those extra hints at the same time as making plans your enjoy:

1.Visit Off-Season

If you’re quite bendy together with your experience time desk, traveling to Universal Studios sooner or later in the off-season allows you to maintain on fare and hotel prices. Typically, spring and fall have a propensity to have smaller crowds, except for holidays like Thanksgiving.

2.Start your day early.

Many net page website site visitors can also plan their adventure to Universal Studios Hollywood™ as a part of a holiday, and getting up early won’t be splendid. However, the sooner you begin your day, the more you may get out of it.

The crowds can be a piece lighter in the first detail of the morning. If you’re prepared to go in as fast as possible because the Park opens, you can even stroll onto your first adventure.

3.Jurassic Cafe

The most up-to-date eating place in Universal Studios Hollywood is the Jurassic Cafe. It is located at the decrease lot close to the made-over Jurassic World adventure. The restaurant embraces Costa Rican flavors and has some extra healthful alternatives to pick out from the inner of the Park.

4.Menu highlights consist of the Citrus Glazed Chicken (it’s big!),

Most entrees are served with Gallo Pinto (a Costa Rican black bean and rice dish) and appealing Plantain Chips. If you are looking for a snack, the Spring Rolls and Pomegranate Guacamole with Plantain Chips are each super, wholesome alternatives.

If you want a clean drink to praise your meal, save off on the Isla Nu-bar for a tropical-themed address!


You’re only a real Angeleno once you’re making plans for your parking approach days in advance. Luckily, Universal CityWalk Hollywood makes parking a breeze — and less pricey. Here’s what you need to understand about parking at CityWalk and Universal Studios Hollywood earlier, your go-to.

$10 parking after 5 p.m. Did you concentrate on that? If you return to CityWalk after five p.m., parking is just $10. All the extra cause is to make it a nighttime in town.
$5 Cinema parking If you’re catching a flick, General Parking prices are just five bucks. We endorse shopping for your movie ticket and parking earlier online or through the AMC Theatres app. That way, you’ll get a barcode to display at the gate when entering the garage. Otherwise, you may pay for General Parking at the same time as you arrive and then convey your receipt to the field place of business to accumulate a rebate.
$10 valet for whole-company eating places. If you come back to CityWalk for a sit-down dinner, you may park like a VIP starting for truly ten bucks (with validation). Just look at the signs and symptoms for valet parking in the Jurassic Parking storage and get your parking fee price tag confirmed at the eating place.


Experienced site visitors will bring their water bottles into the Park and paw them at a few diplomas at any Freestyle station during the day.

Our circulate-to preference for reliable water bottles even as we visit Universal is the XACIOA 32 oz water bottle.

Some of the first-rate benefits of this bottle include:

a hundred% leakproof
Doesn’t have the chemical scent maximum water bottles encompass,
There are motivational messages on the element to track your improvement and to remind you to live hydrated

What to Bring to Universal Studios

  • Essentials

Your Tickets & Your ID. If you purchase online, consider holding your revealed tickets and your ID.
Cash. Most places take credit score ratings playing gambling cards; however, it’s typically an excellent concept to have a few coins reachable.
Sunscreen. Even if your climate app says it will be cloudy, please remember to wear sunscreen.
Chapstick. It’s critical to keep your body hydrated and your lips too. Choose one with some SPF in it. I love Mongo Kiss and Vanilla Honey.
Hats. Remember about your hat if you or a person at your party is follicly challenged!
Sunglasses. This California solar can be brutal on your eyes, so ensure you bring your sunnies.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood highlights

Studio tour – no go to Hollywood is complete without an excursion to an energetic studio. Universal Studios offers an immersive and thrilling excursion through four acres of the historical, however lively, studio lot, so you can see where some of your chosen movies and TV shows are filmed. Play your playing cards properly, and you will probably even see some of your preferred actors on set. As Jimmy Fallon narrates the tour, board the tram and take inside the surroundings. Spot King Kong, and preserve it on your seats for Fast & Furious-Supercharged. This excessive-tempo chase catapults you into the high-stakes underground international of fast cars and international crime cartels.

Are we allowed to take our non-public food?

Yes, you’re allowed and encouraged to perform that. Especially if you do artwork at some point during the night shift because the cafes are closed. The handiest options you were given were the Market Place and vending machines.

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