What Is A Shower Table

Table shower (Vichy bathing, massage treatment, Scotch hose, hydrotherapy, Swiss shower) is a selected table with five to seven rain bathing heads above. Many beauty salons and massage spas combine it with a guide to rub down on your absolute delight.

In most Asian worldwide places, this provider includes sexual rubdown. However, at the same time, deciding to go to a beauty salon to look for a table bath within the US implies an entirely one-of-a-kind detail.

Table Shower History

Although desk showers are most related to Asian parlours, the present-day desk comes from France. Specifically, they were first brought inside the village of Vichy during the 19th century, so they will also be referred to as Vichy showers.

The origins of table showers can be decided in a protracted manner again as in Ancient China and Greece.

They may be located in numerous spas or well-being facilities.

The desk bathing remedy also can include several others – like a Swedish rubdown, hot stones, or acupressure. 

They encompass plenty of amusing blessings and numerous capability health perks.


The desk differs slightly from a simple massage table; drainage holes are added, and an optionally available splash defence is provided for the rubdown therapist’s gain. A removable hand-held shower head can be protected properly.

  • Juvenex Spa
  • Russian & Turkish Baths
  • Spa Castle
  • Premier 57
  • King Spa & Sauna
  • Sky Tree Spa
  • Oriental Spa
  • Tokyo Spa
  • Grand Central Bodywork
  • Hiyako Spa

Modern Version Of The Shower Table

It isn’t always easy to understand precisely how the concept of desk showers originated. However, they are believed to have advanced from hydrotherapy remedies that have been used for many years. Hydrotherapy, which entails water usage for healing capabilities, has been practised for many years in various cultures around the arena. In Europe, for instance, thermal baths and spas were popular for hundreds of years to loosen up and sell top fitness.

3 Things to Expect from Table Shower

Do you love mixing a lux massage with warm pulsating jets of water raining down your whole frame while you comfortably relax? Well, the…look at on because this is written for you!

1. Washing The Back

In this approach, you lie down on your chest, and the therapist uses the scrubber to rub your lower back. Warm water is used in this stage.

2. Preparation

In maximum instances, all clothing should be removed before entering the shower room, which might also have one or several flat tables. After bathing thoroughly, you’ll be directed to the shower desk and recommended whether or not to place first for your again or stomach.

3. Massage

There are several motives why you need to get a desk bathing massage.

The benefits of the person showering and changing tables

  • Beds and different surfaces aren’t customized to assist changing situations. However, the shower and changing tables are. Therefore, bathing and changing tables are advantageous over beds and other surfaces.
  • Shower and converting tables from Pressalit are designed with the person and caregiver in thoughts. In this manner, they accommodate the herbal movements of each customer and caregiver. The ergonomic layout reduces the pressure due to manoeuvring or bending over deeply.
  • Shower and changing tables from Pressalit are sanitary, as they will be designed to be hygienic. The surfaces are easy to clean for advanced hygiene and will face up to powerful cleaning sellers.
  • They are stable for every customer and caregiver. The Pressalit shower and converting tables offer a robust ground for assisted changing adults further to kids. 
  • They have more than one makes use and may be tailor-made for a given room and particular man or woman.
  • Shower and converting tables make the care state of affairs dignified and comfortable for the consumer. Restrooms in public places have featured infant converting tables for a long time and are very beneficial to parents with small youngsters or toddlers.

Shower Benefits

As you can see, Vichy Showers have actual blessings on the frame. Let’s line them up:

increases movement at some unspecified time in the future of your frame

detoxifies — dramatically gets rid of the waste in your body

  • boosts your immunity
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves the competencies of inner organs
  • will metabolic growth rate and digestion interest
  • firming and toning of your pores and skin
  • loosens tight muscle groups
  • relaxes and rejuvenates
  • can facilitate weight reduction
  • can promote better sleep

What Can You Expect During A Table Shower?

You can also seek out a massage for numerous motives, which include healing, pressure consolation, or true relaxation. Depending on the spas, you will experience the benefits of table bathing earlier than or after the body massage.

Where do desk showers take place?

Most rubdown spas have character/non-public shower rooms to procure your table shower. Setups can range from one industrial company to some other. Still, all can also have a massage table in the middle of the room that has been ready with a water-proof defence (usually plastic). Fresh towels are placed on the table before each consultation for hygienic reasons.

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