Unable To Check For Update Ipad

Many users have complained of receiving warning messages about errors when trying to update their Device’s (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) software wirelessly by using Settings > General > About Software Update (called an update over the air). Notably, many users encounter an error message that says they cannot detect an update.

How to Fix “Unable to Check for Update” Error on iPhone/iPad

Are you constantly confronted with your “Unable to Search for Update” message when searching for the latest software and system updates for or on your iPhone or iPad? There are myriad causes for this error message, including poor connectivity to the internet or server-side issues, as well as the system setting being in conflict.

You’re fortunate to have several options to correct this problem and keep the iOS and iPadOS devices running up-to-date. This troubleshooting guide will help you understand how to fix the “Unable to detect Update” error on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Fixing Unable To Check For Update on iOS 13.1.2 and iPad 13.1.2

If you’re using iOS 12, iOS 13, or iPadOS 13 if you encounter this issue, it is possible to go through the following steps to fix it.

If you’re unable to download iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.1 on your iPhone or iPad

There may be issues attempting to upgrade or update your iPhone or iPad wirelessly or via the internet — due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your Device isn’t compatible with the most recent version of the software
  • It takes a lengthy time to download
  • The Device you’re using isn’t able to access the server for updates
  • The update won’t be complete

Check the Apple System Status

There are times when Apple servers can have issues. You won’t be able to find the iOS update under Settings and cannot determine if there is an issue with the update. The first step to try with this issue is to go to the Apple System Status web page.

When Apple System Status shows yellow, something is going wrong on this server. The only option is to wait or get in touch with Apple Support. If all servers display green, they are all working fine. If you are still looking for updates is not the Apple server’s concern, and the only thing you have to take is to move on to the next point down.

Unable to Check for Update iOS 16.6 on iPhone (7 Ways to Fix)

  • This error caused the issue, which caused Network blockage due to millions of requests coming through this Same Apple Server from your residence. Due to this, Apple’s services are overloaded and can be down for several minutes or even seconds.
  • Be sure that you’re iPhone is connected to your active WiFi only. (Try playing videos and music online via YouTube[]
  • Open App Store on iPhone/iPad. Look up the “TunnelBear VPN” application or tap it to download via App Store.
  • After installing and downloading an entirely new App for an iOS device, please open it and sign in using the Email username and password. After that, verify the email in Your Mail inbox. When you’ve completed.
  • Visit TunnelBear App and Allow permission to access your account as you like, which is the only requirement to utilize an app for your iPhone.
  • The typical TunnelBear VPN app screen shows one toggle (Enable toggle for activation of VPN for your iOS device) and your current location in the Map and Map. Look for a place that is in America. United States, Tap on the yellow box to switch to your United States location. After that, you have moved into the proxy server. If you’re inside the United States, the usual congestion of traffic on the network will allow the request.
  • Also, open the iPhone settings and select General, then Software Update. Just wait a few seconds and pray that you will locate a software update that can be installed without error.
  • If your Device keeps waiting to receive an Update…for iOS 16 After just an update to the iOS announcement. You will have to wait for a while because of the excessive number of server requests from many devices. Make sure you have a good Internet connection. If that happens, then the Device is awaited.

Solutions to Resolve iPhone Unable to Check for Update iOS 17/16

Solution 1: Check the Compatibility
Solution 2: Check If Apple Server is Down
Solution 3: Check the Network Connection
Solution 4: Restart Your iPhone/iPad
Solution 6: Unblock enough storage before checking for updates
Solution 7: Reset Network Settings
Solution 8: Refresh iPhone with iTunes
Solution 9: [Video Guide] Update Your iPhone via Computer

Make sure to back up your iPhone before the iOS update.

Updating iOS can result in changes to your iPhone, and occasionally, your pictures or other information may be deleted unexpectedly. So, you’ll want to keep an archive of your iPhone information on your PC to ensure they’re always found.

FoneTool is the most reliable free iPhone backup program. You can use it to save videos, photos, messages, music, and even contacts to iPhone onto a PC.

Check the information on your iPhone and choose the necessary one.

  • Unlimited data transfer to a computer is free.
  • Backup all the data of the iPhone and also the backup of the iPhone
  • All iOS devices (iPhone 14/13/12/11/11/SE2020 Apple iPad Pro/Mini)
  • Download FoneTool onto your PC for no cost. Connect your iPhone to the Computer via a USB cable, then back up your iPhone in only three steps.

Why is it saying that I can’t check for updates on iPhone/iPad?

The issue occurs due to a topic with the software that could cause problems for the iOS device, particularly the Device settings. A software issue can impact the Device’s functionality, including its ability to update it. There are also other reasons for your Device not to upgrade. The most common reasons are:

The Device you are using may not have enough storage to install the update.
The Apple servers may be offline.
The service you’re connected to might need to be more robust to allow you to complete the update.
Something is wrong with the software on the Device.

What should you do if your iPhone or iPad cannot look for updates?

If it’s a server-side issue, it’s not much you can do but wait. As the latest software releases were beta versions, most users are having this problem. If you’re running an existing stable version and contemplating an upgrade to iOS 16.6 or 16.6, it is possible to hold off for a while.

A workaround could be rebooting your iPhone and iPad or connecting/disconnecting from WiFi to see if your Device can find the latest software update.

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