How To Check Your Ring Size

Measuring your ring’s dimensions at home in several ways is possible. Some are more precise than others, but we recommend visiting a jeweler to get the most accurate results to have your ring measured correctly. Rings are available for free size in our store. However, if you cannot make it in our store, here are some methods to determine the size of your ring in privacy at home.

What is the best way to choose the right size ring:

Choose a band that will fit your finger perfectly without being too snug or loose.
If the ring’s shape is off or you don’t have the right circle, you might want to get one borrowed from someone else with the right call.

Determine the diameter inside the ring. Ensure that you are measuring at the broadest part.
Consult the ring size chart below to convert the proper international standard sizes for ring sizes.
You can also visit one of our boutiques, and we’d be delighted to assist you in determining your proper ring size.

Ring to measure

A ring test on someone is always the most effective way to determine the correct size. However, it is possible to get an estimation of sizing by using any of the following methods:

Make sure you measure your finger…

Therefore, you’ll be able to determine the largest size of your fingers. You must measure at night and ensure your fingers don’t feel cold.

Pick the finger on which the ring will be worn, then take a string, an e-tip pen, and the ruler.
Wrap the yarn around it around your finger. You want it to be snug but not overly tight; the goal is to recreate a comfortable ring.
With the pen, outline the spot where the string intersects.

Download The Ring Sizing App(tm) Here.

You have to install the application, launch it, and then use your finger to calculate the size of your ring. It was designed to work specifically for IOS14 users, you put your phone on your finger to scan it, and POOF gives you the ring’s size. The process is the same for Android and older IOS customers. Just place the ring finger in front of the phone screen, then alter the lines of sizing to the outline of your finger, and then you’ll get the ring size you want in only a few minutes!

How To Measure Your Ring Size With Our Free Ring Size Conversion Chart

If you want to gauge the size of your ring using a piece of paper, you can take a printout of our chart of ring size conversion. When printing the chart, ensure that the scaling of your page is in the range of “none” in the dialog box.


Temperature, i.e., extreme heat or cold, can cause the dimensions of your fingers to shift by shrinking or expanding, making it challenging to gauge your extent. Ensure your body is always a room temperature before taking any measurements.


Measuring your ring’s size at home is an arduous task at times. However, there are a couple of easy steps to gauge your ring’s size to find the ideal fitting!

If you are unsure of the size to choose,

If you’re curious how Pandora rings will fit on your finger, We can assist you. Pick the ring size that is your most enormous finger on which you’ll put the ring. If you’re measuring, round it up to the nearest entire millimeter. A call must be snug enough not to be able to fall off. You don’t want to see it get stuck, so be sure it’s loose enough to slide around your knuckles easily.

Utilize our ring sizer in plastic to ensure a perfect ring measurement.

Make measurements throughout the day.
It is essential to remember that the size of your finger changes over the day and may be caused by the weather or hydration. The best way to gauge your fingers is to take them many times to figure out your ideal size for a ring.

Choose a larger size.

Given that the size of your fingers alters during the day, It’s best to select a ring that is not too large but tiny. It’s not a good idea to be at risk of it getting stuck to the finger.

Stackable rings

To stack rings, pick the size that is one larger than the size of your average ring for an easier fit.

Rings with a wide shank

For rings with wide shanks, it is recommended to go one size more significant than the normal-size ring because this ring features an elongated band.

How do you measure the ring’s size?

Planning a romantic proposal can be thrilling, but nothing can compare with the thrill of watching the smile of your beloved sparkle when they slip the ring they’ve chosen to propose with, mainly when the ring is a perfect match.

It’s a time full of joy and love The one thing you don’t want is to receive a wedding ring that doesn’t look right. It can be challenging to determine your partner’s dimensions can be difficult and especially so if you’re trying to keep your proposal to yourself!

This is why we’ve put together this complete guide for you. We’ll provide our top strategies and techniques so you can concentrate only on what matters, making a memorable moment with the person you love most in your life.

Are we getting engaged? We’re here to assist. Our skilled jewelers will assist you in selecting the ideal engagement ring.

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