Are Golf Cart Keys Universal

Golf carts were designed to maintain golfing game enthusiasts’ short-distance trips throughout the golfing route. However, in recent times, people have used them in lodges, created internet websites, and so forth, carrying people to and from their vacation spots. In a few tropical areas, proprietors use them to journey throughout the network and to the seashore.
They have become an available mode of delivery even for small groups. They appear to be small vehicles and begin by switching on a key. But what if your golf cart key is out of place or stolen? Since it is a vital accessory, it’s essential that allows you to realize its universality. So, let’s begin!


Keys numbered 17063G1 are designed to function on any TXT E-Z-Go golfing cart from 1976 onwards. However, the keys must be bettered with the company’s RXV or gas cart products.
Any E-Z-Go gasoline carts constructed after 2008 and RXV motors require key variety 606993.

Manufacturers of Golf Keys

As cited, the producer is one of the most vital factors that will decide whether or not the secret is traditional. Attempting to apply a Yamaha key for a Club Car golfing cart isn’t going to reveal a success.

Most EZGO carts will have artwork with a key with the subsequent serial range: 17063G1. However, the ones from the RXV variety made from 2008 onwards will be artwork with a key with 606993 as its serial variety.

As such, if you presently own a 2020 version, you may no longer be faced with any annoying conditions while looking to apply an alternative key for a 2008 model to begin it. This key is likewise properly ideal with carts powered by gas or power.

Keys for Club Car vehicles are nicely matched with all models fabricated from 1982. If you’ve been given a golfing cart older than this, you can try to discover a key that will be artwork with it.

As a quit give-up result, you may need to enhance the ignition machine to suit the specifications of greater cutting-edge keys. This trendy opportunity key works with every gasoline and electric-powered fashion.

Yamaha has unique keys available that are suitable replacements. The first key form has a serial amount studying J17-82511-yy and may be used for the subsequent fashions: G1, G2, G8, G9, and G11. The second secret is suitable for G14, G16, G19, G22, and G29 styles, regardless of whether or not it operates through fuel or electricity.

The detailed full-size form of this secret is 1012505, 1920, ELI80-0194. As there are two awesome keys, you must know the type you pick out. You don’t need to choose a key only to discover that you have offered the wrong one.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Golf Cart Key Duplicated

The method of duplicating golf cart keys can vary depending on where you live, how fast you want it, and how much of an exceptional deal you need to spend.

In some instances, expert key corporations provide an organization with charges ranging from $ eighty-one hundred fifty in step with a set turnaround of numerous examples between 24-forty-eight hours.

These typically price more than those provided via dealerships or locksmiths but may be quicker if you want instant help (especially during pinnacle seasons).


At first, you can imagine developing a reproduction duplicate of a Golf Cart key is simple enough, and for the most element, it is; however, you may need to keep a couple of matters in your thoughts. We’ll pass over the essential aspects while duplicating your golfing cart’s keys.

First off, permits alleviate some state of affairs resting atop the disappointment which you’ve each out of place the keys otherwise you’ve controlled to interrupt them off, and a chunk even though remains within the ignition – Golf cart keys may be duplicated.

If you’ve positioned yourself on this function, when duplicates are made, ensure you have more than a pair of keys and maintain them in a secure vicinity this time.

Club Car Parts and Accessories – Golf Cart Keys

The Club Car Precedent parts were made from 2005 to 2019, similar to the well-known DS version.

Columbia / ParCar Gas and Electric Golf Cart Key Switches & Keys
The first step in happening a club cruise or hitting the route to your electric-powered or fuel-powered golfing cart is that every one essential key that starts evolving your vehicle’s capability. A misplaced key can place a damper on your plans, and it can be easy to lose. Don’t fear. Buggies Unlimited believes in the whole thing, even changing your Columbia and Harley Golf Cart Key.

You can also be surprised if all golfing cart keys are not unusual, and that could be a sincere query. It’s real; a few keys may be switched out with some different keys from a like version. These components for cars from the same producer can also often be exchanged and are characterized nicely with a key from a particular buggy. The age, version, and manufacturer are all compatibility troubles.

At Buggies Unlimited, we carry several alternative keys for electric-powered powered and gasoline-powered carts from Hyundai, Columbia, and Harley-Davidson. Make positive while buying a substitute key for your cart, for which you only purchase fine components. Our OEM and aftermarket substitute components have been advanced to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s proper device specs.

Differentiate between drivers’ and passengers’ Club Car Golf Cart Keys.

Club vehicle golf cart keys are available every using force’s and passenger’s variations. The motive force’s membership car golfing cart secret is the same shape and length as an everyday vehicle key.

The passenger’s membership vehicle golf cart secret is formed like a Yale lock and has a distinct variety. The passenger’s club vehicle golfing cart key must be inserted into the ignition to prompt the golfing cart in advance rather than beginning it.

You can get an alternative from the clubhouse if you lose your passenger’s club car golfing cart key. Drivers’ membership car golfing cart keys aren’t interchangeable with normal automobile keys and cannot be used to begin the passenger’s membership vehicle golf cart.

To use a Cause Pressure’s Club Car Golf Cart, remove the battery cover and insert the Cause Force Club car key into the electric connector inside the engine compartment. Passengers ‘clubmakers work in both commands so passengers can journey in both courses at the same time as now, not having to exchange their keys.

A licensed company provider generally sets up Club Car Golf Cart batteries. Differentiating between DriverDriver and Passenger, Passenger’s Club Car Golf Cart Keys will assist in holding everybody secure during the usage of this amusing mode of transportation.


This is a real Bintelli branded element, designed to suit Bintelli Beyond electric-powered cars with an everyday ignition. The component quantity for Beyond Spare Key is 4.01.Forty 3.069.

If you have any questions concerning whether this component will be healthy in your car, please contact your network provider, or you can e-mail Support@Bintelli.Com or name us at (866) 542-8677. We sit up straight to assist you.

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